A new tent concept

A short text I received from a friend this week simply said ‘search Qube tents on YouTube’. His recommendations are always insightful and this one was no different. After seeing them I knew what I had to do next- inform others. The Qube tent is an interesting concept on the most basic choice for your camping lodging. Pricing is in line with traditional style tents. I spent more on my last Kelty tent than what a comparable Qube tent costs.

If setting up a tent is your least favorite part, then you will like, or at least appreciate, how the Qube tent is set up. There are no tent poles to snap together or fight with. When it comes time to break the tent down, this is a fairly simple process as well. Qube tent also has a new twist on the two room tent concept. You have to see this for yourself. I’m attaching their product launch video which explains the product better than any of my typed words could. The video is several minutes long but it will likely
hold your attention. #Qubeit.

My camping tip for this blog post is, naturally, a tent camping tip. Invest in a tarp that is at least the size of your tents footprint. Before setting up your tent lay the tarp out on the ground where you want your tent to be. Next, set up your tent on top of the tarp. This will keep the bottom of your tent cleaner since it will be touching the tarp and not the ground. The tarp also gives you an added layer of material between your tent and the (wet) ground if it should rain.