6 campgrounds for solar eclipse viewing

Right off the bat you may be thinking ‘why bother with this now? The eclipse is tomorrow’ and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking such. I’m sure there are some people who have just recently decided they want to get closer to, or within, the 70-mile wide path of eclipse totality. This post is for you. Another reason I’m posting this- a friend and fellow blogger gave me the idea for this one. You know who you are, and thank you!

I live in Kentucky and this will be written from that perspective. In Kentucky, the best place to view the eclipse in 100% totality is Hopkinsville, KY. Regardless of where you live, if Hopkinsville, KY is your nearest prime point of viewing, this post may jog your memory for places to stay. If you have only recently decided you want to go to Hopkinsville to view the eclipse, I’d recommend against it. Hotels and campgrounds in and near Hopkinsville are surely booked solid.

The Land Between the Lakes area (LBL) of Kentucky is an easy, short drive from Hopkinsville. This area is an outdoor lovers paradise. It is chock full of campgrounds (there are over 10 of them in the LBL alone) and the lakes that form LBL beckon boaters and fisherman. After I’d looked online this morning at five campgrounds within the LBL for availability on Monday night and found them all booked solid, I concluded it’s a waste of time to try getting a campsite here. Check this place out another time! But do check it out. It offers some awesome camping and endless activities.

Your best bet for getting as close as you can to Hopkinsville is likely a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campground. You can find them here and and here. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds are not as well known as state resort parks with their lodge rooms and campgrounds. At this stage in the game you need the less well known. Therefore, I’m recommending some Corps of Engineers campgrounds near Nolin Lake or Barren River Lake. Camping near a lake will give you wide-open skies for viewing. I’ve camped at several of the places listed below and they are well-maintained, nice campgrounds. Barren River Lake is a little closer to the 70-mile wide path of totality than Nolin. It’s roughly 30 miles outside the path versus Nolin’s 40. Give or take. Either location will give you greater than 95% totality for eclipse viewing. If you’ve decided to get as close as you can to Hopkinsville, check out the list below. As of this morning all had campsites available. You can book a campsite online using the link above in this post, but you’ll want to do it today.

Nolin Lake campgrounds to consider, as of noon today:

Moutardier- they have 55 sites available out of 167.

Wax- they have 38 sites out of 110 open.

Dog Creek- 70 campsites available.


Barren River Lake campgrounds to consider, as of noon today:

Bailey’s Point- 90 out of 204 campsites available.

The Narrows- 43 out of 91 sites available.

Tailwater- 20 campsites out of 50 are available.


Don’t forget to pack your eclipse viewing glasses and good luck!